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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> the time is 5:00. good morning to you. a look at the moon. shortest total lunar eclipse in 100 years is happening right now. you seal a red moon reddish in color caused by sunlight scattering off the sun's atmosphere. this is a live look from the exploratorium camera. the blood moon should last about 35 minutes and it will be nice to see it. i am chris nguyen. we are looking acooler temperatures for the start of the weekend. here's lisa argen with the first look at live doppler hd. good morning lisa. >> good morning, chris.
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here's a look at live doppler hd. you can see what is rotating to the north. you see the clouds and the pretty strong cold air that will sweep through the area monday and tuesday. before that we have a weak cold front that will get our heads wet for easter sunday. upper 30s underneath a clear sky from santa rosa to napa. 41 in los gatos. the plan for the day today look for a much cooler air mass to punch into the bay area. we will see sunshine increasing high clouds throughout the day today. numbers near averaged to going below average for easter sunday. we will talk about when the rain arrives tomorrow and when it exits with the possibility of thunderstorms right on through tuesday. chris. >> lisa, thank you. a settlementng for the family of a south bay girl who killed herself after she was sexually assaulted at a party. but this was about much more than the money. 15-year-old audrie pott
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committed suicide in 2012, just one week after she was assaulted. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has the details. >> at a high school party in 2012 15-year-old audrie pott drank a potent punch of vodka and gatorade and passed out. she was then sexually assaulted. three attackers took pictures and shared them with classmates. days after the photos emerged. audrey hanged herself. three taken age boys were found guilty. one settled out of court last month. now closer for the family as the other two boys agreed to pay $950,000 as parts of a wrongful death lawsuit. they also had to issue a public apology in court before a judge on friday. the apology included admitting that audrey was not conscious during the assault; that she did not give consent, and that she did not invitor encourage the sexual act. the' pollgy went on to address the suicide, saying i also apologize for false rumors about audrey that served to shame and
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humiliate her. she did not deserve nor would any human being deserve what we put her through. it requires the boys to be part of a documentary and to talk publicly about the consequences of drinking assaults and sexting. >> when you talk about the deviled making the rounds in school talking what they did about trying to educate other kids and to prevent it from happening again, i can't imagine a better way to send a message. >> many parents at the high school did not want to talk about the settles meant, but some were relieved. >> it is anonymous there is consciousness among parents based on this case. >> they hopeless sons are learned as the pott family released a statement they are happy their daughter's name has been cleared. in san jose i'm leslie brinkley abc7 news. developing news this morning. a man from oakland is the first reported u.s. citizen killed in yemen. our media partner the bay area
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news group, reports jamal died while talk back. he was trying to get his wife and two-year-old daughter out of the violence there. bay area council on bay area relations is calling for the evacuation of all u.s. citizens. they are also supporting for all americans to be released trapped in yemen. there are some 300 americans who cannot leave the war-torn country. among those trapped is a man from san francisco, the 26-year-old was there working with coffee farmers. his brother is upset with the lack of help. u.s. has three navy ships in the area. >> the u.s. department their message was they cannot do anything at the moment and their message to him was to stay inside and stay safe.
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>> he tried to leave but was stopped by a militia group as he tried to board a boat in aden. this week some moreinners were helped to leave yemen. the san francisco police chief greg suhr is asking for 7 officers to be fired for sending or responding to homophobic text messages. >> for them to say those type of things, shame on them. >> it rocked the sfpd. racist homophobic texts exchanged between cops. >> it's just part of reality, i guess, and part of the law enforcement culture. i'm not sure there's a solution. >> the chief wants 7 police officers to be fired for sending or responding to offensive texts he called reprehensible.
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>> we cannot have this in san francisco, and we have to do everything to the best of our ability to root it out and address it. >> san francisco naacp president, brown said the texts reflects a bigger problem in the department. >> in terms of attitude racism and unjust practices. san francisco is -- >> it's mean spirited. >> jennifer with "our family coalition" a resource for lbgt families believes his disappointing but doesn't reflect on the entire police department, but could be a turning point. >> the silver lining to this is it's coming out, there will be more trainings, people are talking about it, and all those conversations result in progress and learning and moving forward. >> meantime the scandal could jeopardize court cases that relied on testimony from the officers related to the ugly texts. a review is underway.
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in san francisco, abc7 news >> happening today, families in san francisco's bay view neighborhood will hold a march calling for the end of violence. black lives matter march will carry large ban wes the faces and names of those whose lives have been lost in the bay view and across san francisco in the past year. it take place from noon to three. 5:07 is our time. police have arrested a man suspected of attacking a homeless than with a metal pipe. surveillance video shows the violent video incident at larken and geary in san francisco. sick tim, robert perry was sitting as the attacker walked up and hit perry in the head so hard he dropped the pipe. >> i was in shock. event will you i sort of pull it together and then i called 911 after a bunch of people were in shock as well watching what happened. >> perry is in critical
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condition. police spotted the suspect arthur lee jones in the area last night. he will face attempted murder and aggravated assault charges. a martinez man accused of having sex with an underage girl last year is now also accused of making child pornography. blake was arrest the last year after an underage oregon girl faked her suicide to come to the bay area with johnston. they found explicit images of hundreds of children on his devices. they believe he may have had contact with at least three young girls and created the images. police are investigating a possible abduction attempts to concord. this letter was sent out warning parents. it said a parent claiming to be a student's mom asked for her to be sent to the parking lot for an appointment. the school contacted the mother and found out it was false. the student admits she recently shared personal information with
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a stranger on social media. we are going to get some rain this weekend but hardly enough to change our situation. california is in crisis. and there may be no place feeling the pressure more than the city of santa cruz. abc7 news reporter david louie has more from santa cruz where $1.4 million in fines were imposed. >> a mandatory stage 3 water emergency will put santa cruz back where they were last year, asking people to cut back this time 25%. last year they exceeded a 20% goal by 10%. they were offered shower time monitors and flow restricttors, for example. but they also imposed $1.4 million in fines. violators were given an option to toy a water class similar to traffic class for tickets. >> the option of paying a fine or attending a class, many people were motivated to attend a class instead. >> the fine is dropped by attending a class. it dropped for $100 for a second
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offense, $250 a third time and $500 the fourth time. penalties are also imposed for excessive water use. residents use two-thirds of the water in santa cruz. the city's water supply is drawn from local creeks and rivers and from a small reservoir so the need to conserve is acute. >> i think an educational class is great but i also if people don't comply, fines are something that need to be instituted too. >> with new restrictions coming, this homeowner is glad he put money into artificial turf and low water use appliances. he even drained his shot tub. he would rather take those steps than get fined. >> if you spend the money to do the correction of the problem now, you may not get fined in the future, which then that money is taken from you which you could have used to do something to correct the problem. >> it's a model as other cities struggle with the drought. in santa cruz, david louie, abc7 news. >> and governor brown will be talking about the drought on
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"this week with george." you can catch the show tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. right after the abc7 sunday morning news. time right now is 5:11. i have to wake up a little bit. so lisa, looking at the accuweather forecast, there is some rain? >> yeah," we have a couple opportunities. a weak weather system for easter sunday and a stronger system heads our way through the beginning of the work week. right now a look at the moon where it is 50 degrees in san francisco, 51 across the bay in oakland, 45 in san jose. we will talk about that cool and windy easter forecast, plus some sunshine on the way today and the temperatures. that's all straight ahead. >> thank you very much. see you soon. also, you are watching a burglary in progress. atm thieves going to extreme ways to swipe a machine. and judgment day for a man who
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>> this is abc7 news. time right now is 5:14. glad to have you with us on this holiday weekend. we are taking a live look outside. the shortest total lunar eclipse in 100 years is happening right now. a very dramatic picture as we begin our saturday morning together. thieves in walnut creek used a large truck to rip free an atm. it happened yesterday morning at the shell gas station on california boulevard. one man distracted the clerk and another tied a chain to the atm. the driver hit the gas and tore it from its mount. they tossed it in the truck and took off. a california man has been
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sentenced to 18 years in prison for his revenge-porn website. he was convicted earlier this year of identity theft and felony counts of extortion. authorities say the 28-year-old allowed users to upload thousands of sexually explicit photos of women on his website and he created another website for the women to pay money to have their pictures removed. one of his victims, who was not identified spoke about how the scam damaged her life. >> ever since this happened my life has just gone through a bounce. as down spiral. i'm homeless. i left my family and friends. i've lost almosting everything because of this. >> the father apologized to the victims in court calling his actionings both shameful and stupid. happening today, people on the peninsula will gather to
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honor their deceased loved ones. 1,000 people will take part in the annual festival. it pays ohmage to the thieves. they also will participate in rituals they believe chase away bad spirits. today's event gets underway at 11:00. a first of its kind census has documented the comeback of bay area river to otters. as abc7 news anchor dan ashley reports, the otters aren't just cues, they are survivors. >> sam is believes to be the first river otter in
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san francisco in 50 years. now it turns out he has quite a bit of company. >> there are river otters now in every bay area county. which is wonder full! >> megan is founder of the nonprofit riveretser ecology project. otters disappeared sometimes in the mid-60s from the bay area. >> we believe they left one, trapping for fur, and two, poor water quality. >> after decades of work to clean up the waters, a sprinkling of otters began coming back. now the project has sub accomplished a scientific study indicating they aren't just loners who lost their way, but families repopulating the bay area. >> at this point we've had about 1165 total sightings. >> the most intense research is in southern and western marin county with evidence of at least 50 individual otters. thousands of videos taken by motion activated cameras show a lot about otter behavior and how
5:18 am
they are using various habitat. turns out they are quite adaptable. you don't have to be a scientist to see they have a lot of fun. otters are also brave. this mother is chasing a coyote away from her public. they are all river otters, not to be confused with the sea otters that live mostly in the ocean. >> one of the things that makes river otters such a great research project they use all parts of the watershed from the freshwater to the brackish marshes. >> that means if doing well the rest of the water system is doing well too. value tears have collected more than a thousand samples now being analyzed to the san francisco state lab. it explains where the otters came from and how they are relate the to each other. in san francisco dan ashley, abc7 news. >> if you want to report an otter sighting volunteer or
5:19 am
donate to the project we posted a link on our website. and otters are now getting hit by cars so volunteers urge to you keep your eye out for otters on the road. now a check of the weather. some much-needed weather is on the way. we have more in the accuweather forecast. >> good morning. it looks like we waited all season long. here in april we have a couple systems headed our way. first one will arrive late tonight and today will be a dry day over the weekend. east sunday looking cooler and wet. it's quiet. we have a few high clouds. overall it's clear and we are watching temperatures drop into the 30s in the north bay valleys. it's chilly out again. not quite as cold as the mid-30s as we saw yesterday morning. dewpoints are a little higher. 45 in san jose. good morning san francisco. it's 48 half moon bay. the strong on-shore wined to
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bringing temperatures down to average conditions for this time of year. another look at the moon. the sun coming up at 6:51. here, the 30s from petaluma, napa to santa rosa. a cool start with 49 con cords, 43 livermore. so certainly feeling more like the season. it has been cold through the overnight hours and that is expected to continue as we get through this first part of april. temperatures well below average. so as we start out today, it will be sunny. winds are going to increase. then a much cooler air mass heads our way and we will see increasing high clouds. we will be looking at not only the higher clouds, but a front sliding south into the bay area, bringing those rain showers for easter morning. they will be very light. anywhere from less than a quarter of an inch to a couple hundredths expected but it will be much cooler as much as a 10 to 15 degrees cooler overall than the past couple of days. but today starts the cooling trend. here's a look at tomorrow.
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we look at the sunrise coming up at 6:49. this also shows showers from the north banders marin county sonoma, clear lake and look at the low snow levels. down to 4,000 feet. as we get into the second half of the day, the afternoon, the rain showers will be light to the east bay the south bay bay, and the rest of the day does look sunny but we are looking at the cooler day. monday here comes the stronger system. here we are at 5:00 in the afternoon. monday night into tuesday we are look at not only another round of rain heavy rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. easter sunday waking up to 40s and 50s. the afternoon will be cool and temperatures will continue to slide right on through monday. here's a look at rainfall totals through tuesday. anywhere from half-inch to inch in the north bay. looking for quarter in top three quarters inch around the central bay. you can see lesser amounts up to half-inch in the south bay. snow levels to around 4,000 feet. in the sierra nevada up to 7 inches in parts of the donner
5:22 am
area, 3 inches south lake and overall today we are looking at that sunny day to start increasing clouds late. it will be a dry day for your saturday. highs ranging from the upper 60s morgan hill antioch. breezy and upper 50s for bodega bay. the drive today lights showers tomorrow for easter, then another break on monday. the winds increase. and another cool day. the rain holds off until late in the day until tuesday. there's the steady rainy day and then we look for increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures thursday into friday. waiting all season months for a little bit of rain but it's going to come. >> what a huge difference from last week's forecast where we were looking at warm temperatures in the 70s and here we go just like that like an on and off switch. >> i've ted tons of complaints how cold it is. >> thank you. coming up next, the school project that could catapult these students to the
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>> some are cat putting their skills to a new level. eats a school-wide competition and wait until you hear what subject they are studying. >> three two one! >> the rules are simple. billed one. these device toss get the ball 30 meters down the field in the most innovative way possible. >> 31, 32, 3! >> it takes math.
5:26 am
>> figure out your flight. we have a stopwatch. >> got it. >> can start using that. >> we are making it more balanced because the shortest side has to have the weight. >> a little i am -- improvisation. >> 3, 2 1! >> students learn to expect the unexpected. and account for that other force. >> how did you do it? >> luck. >> it would be what you would expect to see in an engineering class, or a physics class, but that's not what it is. would you believe this is -- >> this is my history class. >> lots of rocks, and like amm over walls. >> of course, tennis balls are safer and less gruesome. and at a school that's focused on science. >> i decided we are going to do this project that allows them to use things they have learned in math and science and engineering
5:27 am
courses in their history scores as well. >> the academy has done it for two years with all the seventh graders competing. >> you seem to have the record so far. >> yeah, and we hope to keep it that way. >> this is silicon valley. >> what is your competitive edge? >> we had a lot of creative minds working on the project and a lot of money. >> you sound like an entrepreneur. >> i guess. >> in santa clara, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. get your easter baskets ready. two bay area cities will hold easter egg hunts for children today. in oakland the annual c. o. easter egg hunt gets underway the it's open to children 14 and un. there will be four different hunts based on age division. this year's egg hunt is sponsored which the mayor, as well as the city of oakland parkings and recreation, as well as other agencies. and san francisco will also host eastner the park at proseda
5:28 am
parks in bernal heights. they expect 800 kids for the events. that gets underway at 11:00. there's much more ahead in the next half-hour. up next, important news for weekend bart riders. the detour you will have to take because of a critical construction project. also ahead, distracted driving laws hit an extreme in sin city. did officers go too far for (vo) at jennie-o, we heard of a place in iowa where every thursday people ride ten miles for tacos. we thought we'd show up and surprise them with a better kind of taco, made with jennie-o ground turkey,
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5:31 am
view. dewpoints not as low as yesterday. although they are cold looks like we will be maybe above yesterday's threshold. but the afternoon will feature much cooler air as the strong on shore flow take place. the next couple of hours we will see clouds around the san mateo coast and throughout the day today look for increasing high clouds. high temperatures only in the 60s. we will be looking at the average highs today. 50s at the coast. and we're going to see some rain move in which the time the easter bunny arrives. i'll explain coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. 5:31 is our time. some vital work on bart tracks will begin in oakland tomorrow. it's going create big delays for weekend riders. a about. c7 news reporter alan wang has details on how long the project is expected to last. >>. >> bart will be installing new
5:32 am
pads at about 1,000 feet of track in fruitvale station and another station. they will have to take a shuttle between the two stations causing 30 to 60-minute delays. >> when i heard about it, i had other plans. stay put. >> the work will take place over 11 week ends from now until august 16th. but the biggest detour of passengers is expected during five oakland athletic home games. thousands of baseball fans rely on bart to get to the coliseum. >> it's going to be too complicated. got to keep things simple for me. >> i tried to a take a car. it sucks to pay for parking. >> not good. maybe i'll take uber, who knows. >> we are waiting for the nba to come out with the playoff schedule because the warriors are going to be in the playoffs and we don't want to conflict with their home playoff games. >> bart will use 12 bus toss begin with. it goes into effect the first time this sunday and it should
5:33 am
give bart a better idea what to expect in the coming weeks. in oakland, alan wang ab. c7 news. major construction is coming to the heart of san francisco as crews install a pedestrian tunnel for the new california pacific medical center. starting monday lanes on vanness from post to ellis will be reduceed to one lane in each direct overnight. early friday the same stretch of van necessarily be shut down through sunday night. it will connect the new hospital to the medical office building. a group of people in san francisco are holding an event this week ten to clean up dalori sbc park. the group, called friends of the park, said littering is such a problem park rangers are now ticketing people. they are asking park visitors this weekend to fill trash bags with their own garbage, then take a picture with the trash bag and post it on social media
5:34 am
posting the #"keep dolo clean." >> knew this morning, president obama is describing the historic understanding the u.s. reached with iran this week regarding a nuclear program n his weekly address the president said the deal if fully implemented, meets the core objectives of cutting every pathway iran could take to develop a nuclear weapon. he also emphasized if there's backsliding from iran in the months to come there's no deal. >> this denies iran the plutoniumness to build the bomb. iran agreed they will in the stockpile materials need today build a weapon. more overinternational inspectors will have unprecedented access to iran's nuclear program because iran will face more inspections than any other country in the world. the nuclear deal has been overwhelmingly supported by the countries establishment. distracted driving goes well
5:35 am
beyond texting or using your cell phone a woman in las vegas learned that the hard way. she got a ticket for putting on chapstick while driving. it's a $200 fine. las vegas has a city and county ordinance that requires drivers to keep their full attention on their driving. >> i have seen men who are actually shaving with their electric razors and a lead had her ipad velcrod to her steering wheel and she's watching a movie. >> troopers say tickets are issued on a case by case basis. still to come, what happens when a florist doesn't deliver on their promise. "7 on your side" michael finney steps in to help one woman who didn't get what she paid for. first a live look outside from our exploratorium camera. a lunar eclipse. the shortest one in 100eers happening this morning. lisa argen will return with the
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♪ ♪ ♪
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. >> welcome back, everyone. the time right now is 5:38. we are taking a live look from our sutro tower cam. it's pointing at the bay bridge this morning. it is shaping up to be a pretty cool saturday and a cool weekend, at that. we will get checked with lisa argen and see when some rain is possibly headring way in just a little bit. sending flowers is one of the most common ways to pay your respects at a funeral. can you be sure your flowers
5:39 am
actually make it to the service? a woman says not necessarily. that's when she turned to michael finney for help. >> kathy shows us pictures of her big brother mahendra, enjoying family gatherings, even as he struggles with illness. >> he has three boys and he would do anything for his sons. he was such a devoted father. >> when he died in february, kathy and her sister wanted to show how much he meant to the family. >> we were going to send a nice, big spray. >> kathy searched online for flour shops in san jose. up came amy florist and there she found the perfect floral wreath. >> it's called field of lavenders. very pretty. i order it had five days prior to the funeral. >> she added a loving message paid for the flowers and receive the confirmation from amy forest. >> then i show up at the funeral home on the day of the funeral on sunday and i don't see the flowers. >> she looked everywhere.
5:40 am
the flowers never made it to the funeral. kathy had to tell her family. >> it was more than the flowers it was showing our love and this is our last respect, tribute. i was upset. i was really, really upset. >> she tried to contact amy florist but no one picked up the phone. she wondered what if she hadn't been at the service? >> i would have never no one they didn't receive the flowers. >> we contacted them and found out amy florist is not a flour shop in san jose. it's a company in southern california and it has an "f" rating with the better business bureau with many customers saying they never got their flowers either. however, after kathy disputed the charge amy florist did refund her right away. and they said they were delivered a day ahead as requested but could have been misplaced. the company said there are many are reasons why someone made believe the flowers weren't delivered at a funeral.
5:41 am
it could be that they were delivered to the flour room and the funeral staff failed to move them to the funeral service. kathy said she'll never have that day back, but her brothers ashes will be scattered in his homeland of fiji along with more flowers. >> state law bars a floorist from using a city name unless they have an address there. that's to prevent online flour companies from luring customers who want a local floorist. amy floorist said they don't use the city name in their name. and bottom line look for a physical address for a florist if you want a local florist. i'm michael finney. "7 on your side." >> lisa, heading outside today you will certainly notice a cool breeze. >> it has been cool and the flowers in your lawn getting a drink of water the next couple of days. that's good news. right now the roof camera showing partly cloudy conditions
5:42 am
and 51 in san francisco. and we are changing our weather regime to a wet one. low snow levels and yet a dry day today. i'll explain when we return. >> thank you. what's the reward for winning three world series trophies in five around here, we're all about fast. that's why xfinity is perfect for me. with millions of wifi hotspots all over the place - including one right here at the shop - now we can stream all things fast and furious.
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>> major advances at stanford have given a cancer patient his health along with a dramatic improvement in his life. at cheryl jennings reports, can see the results and the joy written all over his face. >> when steven jensen looks in the mirror, he sees more than his own reflection. he sees a miracle, a face reconstructed from the ruins of stage 4 cancer. >> i was disfigured, and then
5:45 am
when the jaw fractured, i had a hard time talking, eating. >> having already undergone one major surgery, he was now facing another. in desperation steven turned to stanford surgeon and the powerful technology that promise today literally remap his face. >> it really explained what he could do, that they would do computer mirror imaging and construct the job virtually before they even went in for surgery. >> he had a huge advantage because you actually have an ideal situation. you have created the ideal before you get there. >> the stanford team began which taking c. t. scans of his jaw which are beamed to a specialized center in michigan and turn into a precise 3-d model. using a link he carefully analyzes computer simulation as he plans the reconstruction. >> can you pull up in red where the bone that's diseased that we are planning to remove? and now can you delete that bone
5:46 am
to see what the jaw would look like without it? good. what i want to do is mirror image the opposite side to fill in the gap. >> can you show us the mirror image and fill in the space between two? that's how we achieve the symmetric jaw and use that as the basis for the reconstruction. now that i have the model the next step is to take this and do a 3-d print of this. >> the model is used as a template. they bend flexible plates along the jaw line to capture the precise con tours. >> when i go into the operating room i have the plate in my hand and i can screw it to the patient's jaw and use it to guide the rest of the surgery. >> the reconstructions can take many hours in the o. r. and recovery can stretch for weeks. but as the swelling receded, he began to watch his mirror reflection reappear in the mirror. >> after the surgery i was just blown away. >> as we talked about it at some point later we will probably
5:47 am
want to move the skin a little bit. >> follow-up surgeries could help him get closer to his original appearance. but he believes his improvement already runs far deeper than the cosmetics. >> this thing is the ability to really have my speech and to be able to eat. like having my life back. >> cheryl jennings, abc7 news. the doctor also credits advance necessary microvascular techniques allowing surgeons to deliver blood supply more effective in reconstruction. yesterday students at u. c. santa cruz marked an occasion with a festival. it includes throwing colorful powder at each other along with dancing and feasting. it raised money for a charity that provides free prosthetic
5:48 am
limbs. organizers raised $1,400 last year. too many now is approaching 5:48. cooler temperatures but will we see the sun at all, lisa? >> we will, but also rain for easter sunday. but we have a stronger system that will bring gusty winds and much warmer weather as we head into the first full week of april. we are looking at changes, changes we haven't seen all season long. today it looks the same. live doppler 7hd is clear. nothing in the way of clouds. sun comes up at 6:51. we will see increasing clouds later on in the day. winds are kicking along the coast. temperatures coming way down, and we will look for even cooler weather with wet weather accompanying the cool temperatures tomorrow. low snow levels as well. look at the temperatures from the sutro tower camera. 41 morgan hill, 50 half moon bay. san francisco 50 degrees. 46 in oakland. san carlos at 50, and here's
5:49 am
another look at the moon where we have mostly clear sky. temperatures continue to be on the chilly side hear. 43 livermore. concord, good morning at 49. and fairfield is at 45 degrees. so we have been used to the warmer weather and today it will be quite cool where numbers will really feel like what they should for this time of year. mainly in the 60s. even some 50s at the coast. so certainly cooler. we will look for showers to arrive easter sunday. depends on where you are. morning showers in the north bay. afternoon showers in the south bay. sunshine in between. cool highs and more rain with steady rain headed our way monday night into tuesday. the possibility of thunderstorms, small hail and some gusty winds. we are looking at highs not really recovering until we get toward the end of the week. really feeling spring-like in the days ahead. it's taken all season long but we will take anything we can
5:50 am
get. the area of low pressure in the gulf of alaska sliding down the coast. before that can happen we still have high pressure hanging on and that will bring sunshine today, increasing clouds later on with the gusty onshore winds. then the front begins to slide through the bay area on sunday. and that stronger piece of energy heads our way monday night into tuesday. so we aren't looking at much rain on sunday, but in terms of high temperatures today, it will be much cooler if you are headed to the mountains. windy conditions in the sierra nevada. just 15 there. still sunny and warm in southern california. 80. we will look for about a half foot of snow by late monday into tuesday in the tahoe basin. that's good news. we are starting our forecast animation by 5:00 tonight. so notice we have clouds around. it's a dry day. showers moving in tomorrow at sunrise in the north bay and by the afternoon east bay and south bay, sunshine in between. it will be a cool day. then as we fast forward into
5:51 am
monday evening, we've got rain knocking on the door of extreme northern california and that's going to allow for heavier rain into tuesday. so rainfall totals through tuesday looking at a half-inch to inch in the north bay. lesser amounts south. but at least a quarter inch to three quarters inch central bay. that includes san francisco. and about half in inch the south bay. highs today much cooler. mid-60s for you across the bay in oakland 64. 67, one of the warmer location force concord and morgan hill 57 half moon bay. that's more like it. the accuweather seven-day forecast turning cooler today. 50s and 60s. here comes some light showers for the easter bunny and a dry day for monday. rain arrives late monday into tuesday. a steady rain that day and we are slowly recovering. but very spring like. >> lisa, i grew newspaper seattle and when i was a kid it would always rain on easter sunday so we would always do the indoor egg hunts so i'm thinking
5:52 am
some people might turn to that tomorrow, right? >> that's a good idea. turning to sports. the giants shutout the a's yesterday in exhibition baseball. and there are new roles within the organization. we have the highlights. >> good morning. after losing the opener of the bay bridge series the giants were trying to even things up last night. let's go to at&t park where matt cain got the start. he's trying to come back from elbow surgery. and eric is swinging. later in the first billy butler called out on strikes. cain allowed three hits over 4 shutout innings. and in the bottom half posey his first home run gave the giants the 3-0 lead. they go on to blank oakland 4-0. before leaving the giants three world title necessary five seasons, the general manager and were rewarded.
5:53 am
they both receive contracts extended and nice raises. they have been promoted to executive vice president of baseball operations. a you too-time national league manager of the year, bochy is likely headed to the hall of fame. >> excited knowing that, you know i'm here for five years counting this year. i couldn't have a better situation. i mean with who i work for, you know the player i have the staff. the ballpark, the fans, the city. i just love it here. >> the odds of the sharks making the playoffs are not good but at least they are going down fighting. let's take a look at the highlights. this fan must have lost his way the sharks jumped out to an early lead to arizona. and this is his 27th of the season. later marleau fines pavelski. 3-1 was the final. even if the sharks win last
5:54 am
four, the kings, flames and jets all have to lose at least twice. the final four becomes the final two today when michigan state takes on duke and wisconsin tries to spoil kentucky's perfect season. wildcats are trying to finish 40-0 and become the first team to go unbeaten since indiana won the national title in 1981. kentucky nearly lost to notre dame last week but managed to pull out the two point victory. the coach said motivation will not be a problem. >> do you think i have to tell my players that this is a big game ortiz that kentucky is pretty good? i think our guys are astute enough to figure it out. >> i'm going with kentucky and duke. that is sports for saturday morning. i'm rick quan. have a great day. >> no love for this "i love
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
>> fans aren't loving a statue of lucille ball at her hometown in new york. this statue has been in the city of celeron since 2009. let's dents say they have had enough. they say it looks nothing like the "i love lucy" star. a facebook page has even been started to get rid of it and a fund has been started to make a new won. a universities of michigan football fan who made a hilarious promise if jim harbaugh became coach is a man of his word. he said he would get a tattoo of harbaugh's face if he came pack to coach michigan. yesterday he tweeted out a photo of his new tattoo that will be on his arm for the rest of his life. time is 35:57. next at 6:00, all he want to do was visit his wife and child.
5:58 am
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>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. let's start with a quick look at the forecast. we have rain headed our way this weekend. here's lisa argen with a first look at live doppler 7hd. hi, lisa. >> we certainly do. low snow levels and breezy winds starting today temperatures much, much cooler. only in the 50s and 60s. say good-bye to the 70s for a while. here's a look at an area of low pressure that will be sliding south the next couple of days. a couple piece of energy to arrive our way the first to arrive easter sunday. mid-30s in napa. good morning petaluma, 37


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